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Last night I watched an episode of Detroit 187 (which is exactly 137 better than Hawaii 5-0). One of the sub-characters, a shady club owner, called himself GOAT. In his one scene before he is killed, he tells the cops that GOAT is an acronym for Greatest of All Time. I’m not the hippest guy in the world, but it turns out that the original GOAT was LL Cool J, Ladies Love Cool James, who had a studio album and a song called “The GOAT”. In that song the Greatest of All Time seems to be defined as a guy who gets all the dough and all the hos. By that standard, I am certainly not a GOAT. I have some cash and one wife. I’m a SCOW. You can’t write a hip-hop song or a modern American crime drama about a scow, that just ain’t ll cool j….fer real



  1. Hey Tim,

    Hope all is well – and you are enjoying your time off – we should get together for a beer soon. Love the truthspeak of Wall Street – should have been a banker/rhetorician, could have made a killing on twisted speech for Bay Street using the work of Cicero as a base. Wonder if they have an MBA in that?

    Here is the original GOAT – Earl Manigault, a streetballer, the origin of the nickname being quite interesting. All the other GOAT’s started there I believe. There is a film of his life which is quite interesting as well.


    • Hi Chris: Nice to hear from you. I’m doing well indeed. Have lost track of the Death by Acronym a bit. Thanks for the update on GOAT, I’ll check it out. I’ve just started another blog because I just can’t get a hold of myself.

      Hope your year is going well. My schedule is pretty clear for a beer. E-mail me a couple dates and let’s get together.

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