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Glad to see that the new school year has brought new acronymic initiatives from the Ministry of Education (MoE, the smartest of the three stooges). It is the all-encompassing K-12 School Effectiveness Framework, which in my initial read is an encyclopedic synthesis of a decade’s worth of educational jargon. You want “accountability”, “evidence-based direction”, “building capacity”, “systems thinking” or “job-embedded and inquiry based professional learning”. It’s all there in the de-motivational tool of the new millennium. It ensures that the last drop of poetry or magic has been wrung out of the language we use to describe education and lays us down in a desert where management theory words blow about us like properly annotated and categorized tumbleweeds. I dare you to find one inspirational word in it anywhere. Here is the link:

Personally, I will be using this document to talk dirty to my wife. “Hey baby, are my  timely and tiered interventions responding to your individual student learning needs? Because I’ve gathered a variety of valid and reliable assessment data that is informing my instruction and assessment and determining my next steps. Or would you prefer to be supported by a collaborative team approach. Oh baby!”



  1. This indeed is the problem with evidenced-based practice-no one actually ever works that way. Moreover, it’s unethical because denies educators autonomy and flexibility in working with students. You should read Ursula Franklin’s The Real World of Technology. She makes a distinction between growth models and production models and how we mis-apply production models to something like education. Oh, and I really could have done without your pillow talk 🙂

    • It’s the “collaborative team approach” I find most offensive about my pillow talk…Wait, we were talking about something else… Production line education systems… I will look into Ursula Franklin’s work. Thanks for keeping me focused!

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