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Continuing on with yesterday’s theme of spy agency acronyms, let’s take a look at Canada’s: CSIS, pronounced See-Sis, and standing for Canadian Security Intelligence Services. Is there a single spy agency in the world with a less intimidating acronym than CSIS? It’s strange, because it really is the amalgamation of the letters in two pretty cool acronyms: CSI and SIS. But you jam them together and you get CSIS. You no longer pronounce the individual letters, so you get See Sis, the name of a sissy. “Hey, Csis, it’s time to come in for dinner. And hey, didn’t I tell you to to stop taking pictures of the neighbourhood cougars on your mini spy camera?” “Aw, mom!”

And if a spy agency like MI6 has someone like James Bond working for it, then who does CSIS have? CC My Playmate?

By the way, the current head of CSIS, Richard Fadden, doesn’t have much respect for the first “S” (Secret) in CSIS. He pretty much let’s everybody know what’s going on about how Canadian politicians are influenced by foreign governments (Who would have guessed?). Perhaps it should be the Canadian Divulged Intelligence Department. CanDID?…  sorry….

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