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Thanks to the good folks at Acronym Finder, I have a much more thorough understanding of SMART acronym usage. Here are a couple highlights.

1. Stereoscopic Mapping and Rescaling Technology. No idea what it means, but it sounds smart.
2. State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training. I didn’t see State of Minnesota or State of Montana or State of Maine Alcohol Responsibility Training. Not as smart as Missouri. Glad that the state of Florida didn’t jump in. SFART! Yes.
3. Sex offender sentencing Monitoring Apprehending Registering and Tracking. Does this organization set SMART goals? We will sentence, monitor, apprehend, register and track 5% more perverts on an annual basis.

And, last but not least, Strategies for Motivating and Rewarding Teachers. This from Houston. Makes you wonder what a Texas motivational strategy is. Do your job and we won’t execute you?

Go to Acronym Finder and generate your own acronymic buzzphrase. Total Parallel Contingency.


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